Flow Transmitter AV75-----5000

Gas Velocity Transmitter

Connection Screw,Terminals,max.,1.5mm,2,(AWG,,16)
Model AV75
Brand Omicron
Accuracy +-0.5,deg,C,(+-0.9,F
Supply Voltage 24V,DC/AC,+-,20%
Response Time 10s
Pressure Range Model,E,and,P,pressure,tight,up,to,10bar,(145psi)
Current Consumption Max,100mA; max,160mA (with display)
Temp Sensor----PTT 5000

Aluminium Pilot Tube Transmitter


Probe,Duct Aire Velocity Transmitter

Measuring Range 0 – 5 m/s,0 – 10 m/s,0 – 15 m/s,0 – 20 m/s,0 – 30 m/s
Display Type Digital
Resolution 0.1,m/s
Material ABS,IP65,housing
Accuracy +-3%,of,reading,+-0.3,m/s
Units of Measurement m/s,and,fpm
Response Time 2,sec
Measuring Ranges from 0 to +50 deg C,from -20 to +80 deg C,from -50 to +50 deg C,from 0 to +100 deg C

Wall Mount & Universal Temp sensor

Housing Fireproof ABS, SS probe, Sintered Filter (T/TT3), SS Well (T/TT4)
Output Thermistors/RTD, 2 or 3 wires
Accuracy Typical 0.2~0.4 deg C@ 25 deg C
Model T2
Brand Omicron
Work Temperature -40~85 deg C, 0~95%RH (Non condensing)
Wiring 2 Wires Or 3 Wires ( Rtd ) ( 3 Wires Connection Could Obtain Better Accuracy )
Storage Temperature -40~85 deg C
Sensor High accuracy thermistor or RTD
Protection IP30

Water,Duct ,Flange ,Probe & Outdoor Air Temperature sensor